Genetics Essentials: Concepts and Connections by Benjamin A. Pierce

Genetics Essentials: Concepts and Connections

Book Title: Genetics Essentials: Concepts and Connections

Publisher: W. H. Freeman

ISBN: 1464190755

Author: Benjamin A. Pierce

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Benjamin A. Pierce with Genetics Essentials: Concepts and Connections

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Derived from Benjamin Pierce's popular and acclaimed Genetics: A Conceptual Approach, Genetics Essentials covers basic transmission, molecular, and population genetics in 17 chapters, bypassing advanced topics to focus on what is essential for students new to the genetics field. Pierce continues his tradition of focusing on the basic concepts of genetics that students need to understand and the connections that lie between them.
Like its parent text, Genetics Essentials offers student-friendly features, cutting edge and classical research, and helpful media, with an engaging voice bringing it all together. There is a greater emphasis on understanding and connecting basic concepts, as well as carefully crafted pedagogy to help develop sure-fire problem-solving skills. The price is student friendly as well--significantly less than similar textbooks for the course.
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